If you notice that you are feeling very stressed in your life whether it be caused by work/ family/ other, it may be an indication that it is time to look at the cause(s) of your stress. Often times it is how we think about certain situations; the pressure we put on ourselves, which causes …

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Sexual Abuse

If you have been sexually abused in the past you are probably very aware of how your life has been impacted by the abuse. It may feel very difficult to conceive of coming to counselling about your past abuse and for many survivors of abuse; it can take some time into their counselling, for them …

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Anger is a very valid emotion and yet for so many of us it can be difficult to admit to our feelings of anger. This is often reflective of how anger was expressed in our family of origin or whether it was permitted at all. Naturally then, if you are noticing a lot of anger …

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Panic Attacks

Many people experience panic attacks and there can be various and very individual triggers for their attacks. Regardless of the stimulus, panic attacks are very frightening and debilitating and can make day to day life a real struggle.Panic attacks are very often experienced alongside symptoms of depression and/or as part of an anxiety disorder. A …

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Communication with a strong or abusive person

Communication with a strong/abusive partner or parent Communication with a strong/abusive child Communication with a strong/abusive person in work. How we communicate with strong abusive people very much depends on our personal boundary. If we have a strong personal boundary, somebody with a strong abusive personality will not impact on us a great deal because …

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