Anger is a very valid emotion and yet for so many of us it can be difficult to admit to our feelings of anger.

This is often reflective of how anger was expressed in our family of origin or whether it was permitted at all.

Naturally then, if you are noticing a lot of anger inside, it can feel very disconcerting and even frightening.

You may notice that you are snapping at people you love and anger can often be accompanied by depressed feelings.

Anger can often be the by- product of feelings (e.g. sadness) which were not expressed at another time or during another event. For some people, their anger is previously repressed feelings, which can no longer stay down.

Anger can also be as a result of our current circumstances.

Feelings of anger can be our inner selves telling us that there is something missing in our lives.

What do you need that you are not getting in your life, Relationship, Job, Family of Origin???     

Love/ Power/ Recognition/Security/ Fun??

At Counselling Carlow you will be facilitated and emotionally held as you gently look at your inner anger and its origins.

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