Many people, particularly those, who have never experienced it, do not understand depression.

For those lucky ones who have never known depression, a sufferer may seem lazy, negative and even self–absorbed.

For those who are experiencing depression, the reality could not be more different.

Somebody once told me that the difference between being down and having a bout of depression; is that if you won a Ferrari when you are down, it might cheer you up!

Many of those with depression describe feeling unmotivated, like they don’t see the point in doing anything.

Normal day to day tasks like paying bills or having a shower, just seem pointless.

Often times people describe not wanting to get out of bed. Beginning the day and having to be the person everyone expects you to be, having to fake being O.K, seems like a huge hurdle. Staying in bed and in touch with how you really feel just seems easier.

Sometimes, depression is brought on by a traumatic or stressful event in ones life or sometimes it can be as a result of not having dealt with or properly grieved a past loss.  The important thing to remember is that regardless of its cause, the symptoms of depression are very often relieved with counselling and psychotherapy.

The symptoms associated with depression can be very frightening if you are experiencing them for the first time and one can feel very isolated; not wanting to share with others how they are feeling.

Counselling will provide you with a safe, confidential space where you can be real about how you have been feeling, in the knowledge that the person you are speaking to understands your symptoms and wants to hear how you are being impacted.

It is my professional and personal experience; that it is through being heard and accepted in all that you think and feel that you being to think and feel differently.


Sarah Sutton.

Acceptance does not mean much until it involves understanding. It is only as I understand the feelings and thoughts which seem so horrible to you or so weak, or so sentimental, or so bizarre- It is only as I see them as you see them and accept them and you, that you feel really free to explore all the hidden nooks and frightening crannies of your inner and often buried experience.

Carl R. Rogers. (On Becoming A Person)

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