Alcoholism & Other Addiction in a Family Member

When a member of your family is in addiction i.e. alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, sex addiction, food addiction, etc; it can really feel like an emotional rollercoaster.
Feelings of frustration, anger and hurt can be a daily occurrence.
It can be hurtful and very difficult to understand when your loved one continues to place alcohol/drugs/food etc before you and others in your family.
Loving somebody who is in addiction can vastly affect our own self- esteem, causing depression, anxiety and sometimes, feelings of hopelessness.

If you feel you would like to talk to someone, about how you are affected by addiction in your family, Counselling Carlow can provide a safe, confidential space where you will be heard, understood, and validated.
When a loved one is in addiction we can tend to focus a huge amount on them and their addictive behaviours.
At Counselling Carlow, you will be encouraged towards bringing that focus inwards, onto you; looking at how you can nurture and take better care of yourself.